Berth Rental Rates

A special destination is just a stone’s throw away from downtown Auckland.

Please contact the friendly marina staff for rental rates

Additional Information
  • All prices include GST
  • Live aboard – $12.00 per person per day subject to prior approval of management.
  • Power is charged according to usage at 49.50c p/KW
  • Commercial Vessels – Enquire at the office for authorisation and rates
  • Terms of rental are one month rent paid in advance, plus a bond of one month rent. Both are to be paid prior to the vessel’s arrival. Subsequent payments are made monthly by Direct Debit bank authority.
  • If you wish to pay by Credit Card, a fee of 2.5%of the total bill applies.
  • 30 Days written notice is required to terminate Rental or LA unless a fixed departure date is given at the time of booking.
Terms and conditions

Berth Rental Terms and Conditions