Contractors FAQs

Contractors FAQS

With the current strict Environmental legislation, OSH, Insurance and Liability issues, the Company is required to ensure that all contractors understand their rights and accept their responsibilities in these matters. Only legitimate businesses with adequate insurance cover are allowed the privilege to provide their services to our customers at our facility.


1. Complete a Contractors Registration and Application Form.
As part of our commitment to security, safety, professionalism in service delivery and the environment, all contractors who wish to provide services at Bayswater Marina are required to register at the Marina Office.


2. Provide a copy of Insurance details
Bayswater Marina requires all contractors to provide proof of Public Liability Insurance, to above or equal to $1,000,000 prior to undertaking works in Bayswater Marina. In some instances the contractor may carry additional insurance dependant upon the value of the vessel.


3. Marina Access Cards
We can provide your company with a maximum of two access cards to our private car park area from Monday to Saturday 7:30am to 6pm. If you need to access the site outside of these times, special advance arrangements need to be made with the Marina office.

We require a small bond payment of $25 for each card, of which $20 is returned to you if and when you return the card to us in good working condition. The security card will be active for the duration of your insurance cover.

If you do not require a security key, you will be required to use the public car park area. Casual parking fees are $1.00 per hour payable at the pay station located in the centre of the public car park area.


Once the Contractors Application form is read, understood, signed and all required information is provided, you will be required to register “in” and “out” every day you visit our facility.

You will be asked to register your name,  company name and contact details and the  vessel and Pier you will be working on each day.

The same procedure shall be observed by each employee of the contracting company working at the marina that day. 


It is important that each employee of your business understands the registration procedure, and acknowledges the conditions.

We require all contractors to register with us prior job commencement, even if your services are arranged through our on-site tenants. We also require all contractors to record their departure by presenting their badge at the time of departure.


A copy of our Maintenance Policy is available at the Marina Office.


Bayswater Marina reserves the right, at it’s absolute discretion, to reject or withdraw the privilege of entry or provision of services from our facility from any person or company at any time.


As a service we publish a list of all contracting companies and their skills on our website so that vessel owners can choose a company which has at least pre registered their public liability insurance with us and knows the site. We also offer a place for your business cards in the main office.